Windows, Mac or Linux? What’s the difference?

WTH is Linux? Is the question which prompted me to write this blog. I have been applying to development jobs for a couple months now and I kept seeing the ability to use Linux listed as a qualification. Admittedly, I would just skip that listing since I knew I had no experience with it. Then, I kept seeing it again and again and thought to myself, “Ok, what’s the deal with why do some insist on using it?”

Linux is an operating system like Windows and Mac OS but how are these any different from one another? Let’s get into it.


  • Windows is by far the most popular operating system on the market. It holds around a 90% market share worldwide.

Mac OS

  • Mac OS holds around a 9% hold on the operating system system market worldwide and around 20% in the US and similarly developed countries.


  • Holds only a few percent of the marketshare.

So, which one do you prefer? I have gone from being a die hard Windows fan and a Mac hater to now being an Apple fanboy. I grew up on Windows so it used to be all that I had known. My first dip into the into the Mac OS pool came through my iPhone 6. I loved the phone so much that I took the plunge on a Macbook Pro and I haven’t looked back. I most enjoy the connectivity between all of my devices like my phone, laptop, and watch which I thought was amazing but then came in Linux. It seems that this OS can be configured to connect and run way more than just your regular consumer electronics and that is pretty exciting! I just might get a Raspberry Pi and see what trouble I can get into with it.

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